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Life with Purpose 


Living with purpose means choosing to do the thing that resonates most deeply with you. It means knowing that you're spending your time on things that feel worthwhile and have a positive impact on you and those around you. For us it has meant making tough decisions to follow what feels right. We're doing this on our journey now. The key is to find out what drives you, what makes you feel a sense of purpose? Share your story with us.



Stats and info on Purpose


Living with purpose is not just the pursuit of a goal, but a daily feeling of fulfilment, knowing that everything you do somehow contributes to your overall aim. Purpose can be found in so many different ways. It can be child rearing, cooking, serving your community or creating a business or a work of art. It is something essential of yourself that is shared with the world. 

If this all seems a bit fluffy and idealistic, then we've god some science to back it up. Because, well, science seems to be what we all listen to as proof of what we already really know on the inside. 

Studies done at University of Rochester and at Carleton University, have shown that having a purpose in life lowers the risk of mortality above and beyond the factors known to prolong longevity. What this means is that this has an impact not only on the older generation but on all ages, as it lowers mortality for everybody. That's a pretty good reason to follow what brings you joy and gives you purpose over following what others tell you. If you needed an excuse, have that one! We would love to hear what your purpose is, please share tag us! 




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