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We love a good chat, questions and a good cup of tea! We'll be visiting Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand in 2017, and would love to meet you and find out your story. If you're not in any of those places, fear not! We have this amazing thing called the internet, email us and tell us about what gives your life a purpose, or use the hashtag #lifewithpurpose

And if you know of a purpose driven business or have one, get in touch NOW to let us know of the amazing things they do.

Please send us an email on or fill in the form below. 



Barry is a qualified coach and works with people and businesses applying a variety of approaches to help them uncover and overcome their blocks, define their unique brand and focus on living to their values. You can visit his website for more information and to book a Skype coaching session. 

Katia is a qualified Yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga across the world and specialises on personal development through yoga. You can come and join one of her many workshops on the road or follow her online classes. If you would like to get in touch or book a workshop with Katia you can visit her website

Giving back

The Gold In You is new and a very small company but we believe every company has a responsibility to give back. We are currently researching projects that match our ethos, and we will donate a percentage of our profits. Once we have the details, they will be shared here and we will run annual features on our chosen programme.



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