Buy Social 


No matter where you live, there will be business that is striving to serve its community or have a social impact on the world - make your money go further and show them some support. 

What's exciting is that we’re now seeing businesses realise that they need more than just the bottom line. Businesses must make money but being purpose driven will make a company and its people thrive.

Business needs to contribute to a better world.


Business must contribute to a better world.


Buy Social 


We used to think that gaining something materially for yourself and doing good for the world were mutually exclusive; however, I have realised that this is far from the case and social enterprise is the reason why! We have personally witnessed how business can have a positive impact. 

With our purchases, we receive more than just the product,  we gain a satisfied happiness to be part of something good. This could include reducing our carbon footprint, tackling unemployment or supporting people with mental health issues.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade for social and environmental purposes, reinvesting their profits into their social mission. 



We are sharing what individuals and social enterprises across the world are doing to create sustainable ways of dealing with the world's issues.

Read our blog to see some showcased individuals and social enterprises. 

No matter where you live in the world, there will be social enterprises near you.  Chances are if you want something, you can buy it from a social enterprise and change lives in the process.

Exciting success stories of businesses like Toms  , Patagonia show that creating a commercially viable business that generates significant social impact can be done.

We live in a time when the world faces unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, with growing inequalities, society needs, diverse points of view. Purpose driven businesses are one of the answers.



consumers now say they would recommend a brand that supports a good cause.


Why wouldn't you?