The Journey to a Purposeful Pho

If you have just a tiny chance, you can go somewhere with it.
— Jaki Clibbon
 Jaki's Pho

Jaki's Pho

Ask anyone what their favourite food was when they were little and you see their eyes light up as they rummage through their memories for that particular precious smell and taste of a dish. Our memories of food have an ability to transport us in time to moments long gone and allow us to reconnect to them. But what if those dishes are your cultural heritage? What if they are your connection to your roots? And what if serving up those dishes allows you to pay homage to your home country and your past? Before we left Norwich we really wanted to share the story of one of our friends and inspirations - Jaki Clibbon who runs the Vietnamese supper club "Papaya Verte" in  our home city and you can watch her inspiring story below. 

Jaki was one of the many children who were evacuated from Vietnam during the end of the Vietnam war and sent to Australia, US and further afield. It is estimated that over ten thousand children were evacuated during what is known as Operation Babylift. Jaki started the supper club not only as a way to connect to her roots, but also as an opportunity to give back to orphanages back in Vietnam. She now runs pop-ups, supper clubs and occasional cooking classes in Norwich, which are hugely popular and sell out in no time. And no matter how much we beg her, there is no Pho restaurant on the horizon (sob sob...), so make sure you make it to one of the events. Not only will you be eating delicious food, but you will also be helping those in need, and there's no better tasting Pho than that! 

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The two charities that Jaki raises funds for (please support):

Allambie -

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation -