The Gold In You 

Our big interests are travel, people and purpose. What fulfils you? What gives you purpose?  What inspires you to get up in the morning? What makes you feel good to your core? We believe that if you put your purpose at the centre of everything you do, you can live an extraordinary life.

We set up the Gold In You to inspire you onto your own unique adventure. To inspire you with tails of our travels and people, places and individuals that inspire us. 

Whether you are looking to become more adventurous, become a conscious consumer, value driven business or a happy individual we want help you to discover it. 

We ourselves have thrived and grown through our adventures and in our work, Barry has led two thriving business, whilst Katia has taught literature at university and yoga.

We’re packing up our busy lives into two small light-weight backpacks, a couple of sleeping bags and a tent. 

Travel provides us with this new opportunity. It inspires creativity in us to help others do the same.



A lover of words (the apostrophe police on the blog) and passionate about yoga. I was born in the small capital of Estonia – Tallinn (Home #1). Well, at the time it was part of the vast Soviet empire, hence my interest in Russian literature and my PhD in the subject. But I wasn’t always as studious as this. In fact, I hated school. It was when I moved to Sweden (Home #2) that I fell in love with education (and Swedish cinnamon buns). That’s where my love of all things literary was born, inspired by a teacher that knew how to explain poetry in a way that made it come alive.

This led me to pursue my life in academia and move to the UK (Home #3) where, funnily enough, I returned to my Russian roots and studied Russian literature. So, why yoga? Yoga kept me sane when stresses of PhD overwhelmed me, and it showed me a path back to myself. It’s my love #2 (after Barry of course!). I became a Forrest Yoga teacher and you can read more about my yoga story here. Now, it is time to put years of hard work and academic life behind me and explore what lies outside the books and my desk at UCL, share my love of yoga with the world and perhaps, look for Home #4?



The more well-seasoned traveller out of the two of us, and the one who often comments “I’ve been there” whilst Katia jealously rolls her eyes. I was born in the UK (Suffolk) and have lived in East Anglia most of my life, apart from the years I spent travelling the world. Travel opened my mind. It changed me in ways I never thought possible. For me, it's an opportunity to understand and bring together the pieces of life that I haven’t quite figured out yet. Meeting different cultures, eating unusual foods and encountering people is one of the joys of life, but even more so, it has taught me about myself.

After years of being on the road, I returned to work as a post boy in the local council. This brought about an opportunity to work on the front line of homelessness services, working with people who were facing crisis or disadvantage in their lives. After a period of time, I felt that things needed to be done differently and founded LEAP and The Feed and came to believe that purpose driven business is the future. This had lead me to be passionate TEDx speaker and presenter for social change and purpose. Travel for me has always been the instigator to learn and create something new and this is why I’m hitting the road again. This time, with more wisdom and a good lady in toe!