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Shining the light on our travels, capturing inspiring individuals and social enterprises that are making an impact. 

embedding purpose through what we do in our everyday lives.


Lets Become Explorers...


I have always been one for traveling but was it initially exploring or to delay the inevitable intrusion of the real world into my life? I now realise that true exploration comes from connection and traveling slowly.  

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Social Scenes - Thailand


We checked into Ma:D Hub in Bangkok and met its founder Gift to find out more about Thailand's growing Social Enterprise Scene. From hostels to stay in, where your stay betters the city, to local tours and clothing companies that impact their communities. You can definitely enrich your travel experience by buying social. Watch to learn how...

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How Art Saved The Day


Can art really have an impact? Can it really transform society? Well, we found a place that shows that it can. We spend a couple of days on a small island in Japan where modern art has revived a declining community. This is a true fairytale of how art saved the day through tourism.

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Our purpose is to inspire and to generate social change that will contribute to a better world. Every person has gold within themselves. We believe that people can grow and thrive given the chance, and that business and people can do extraordinary things together.

We set up the Gold In You to inspire you onto your own unique adventure. To inspire you with tails of our travels and people, places and individuals that inspire us.